Terms & Conditions 

Enrolment questions must be completed before a student can start classes.


Parents/carers agree to inform Rose Ballet of any changes to personal data immediately.

If your child has any health conditions or injuries it is your responsibility to let us know before your child joins classes or as soon as they may occur.

Parents/careers are responsible for keeping up to date with emails, texts, letters and any changes to dates and scheduled classes.

Fees & cancellation

Fees are payable via bank transfer in advance of any class taking place.

All fees are to be paid at the end of the current term, for the next term to ensure all fees are paid in advance.

All late payments will incur a 5% late charge.

If a child will not be continuing in the new term Rose Ballet must be informed by the end of the current term so the space can be filled. Payment will still need to be made if Rose Ballet is not informed.

No class credit or refunds will be given to parents/carers for classes the student did not attend.

No refunds or make up sessions will be arranged for any cancellation of classes beyond Rose Ballet’s control.


Parents understand that due to the nature of the classes teachers may come into personal contact with the students for the purposes of correcting dance technique or if first aid needs to be given.

Rose Ballet may change the teacher of classes at any point through the term.

Miss Lauren reserves the right to stop any student continuing with lessons given reasonable rights to do so.

Child wellbeing

Students safety while in our care is a priority. This includes knowing which parent or guardian will be collecting a student from class or if they go on to an after school club. If someone unfamiliar arrives to collect a student but Rose Ballet has not been informed we must speak with the parent/carer before we release the student from our care.

Children Reception Age Plus

Parents are not to be in lessons or watch from doors & windows as this is distracting for students. If children are in their school environment and toilets are in close proximity to where the class is held they will be able to go to the toilet themselves.

Parents & carers must ensure they arrive promptly to collect their child, if at the end of class there is no authorised adult to collect a student the teacher will have to wait with them and the late policy will be followed.

Late policy and procedures

The policy outlines the procedures that will take place to protect children in the event if un authorised late collection from a Rose Ballet class.

Please note that the end time of your child’s class is the time we have contracted to have your child in our care. Parents/carers have a duty to ensure the collection of their child is made at the agreed time.

We appreciate there may be certain circumstances beyond a parent or carers control which would result in late collection. Therefore it is essential you hold the contact number for Rose Ballet for you to call in event of emergency late pick up. If you do not get through straight away a voicemail must be left, you will be called back in earliest convenience to discuss.

Children left with Rose Ballet staff over the class end time is unauthorised and the staff will follow the procedure below.


All parents and carers will be given a 5 minute grace period at the end of class for the collection of their child. Anytime after this Parents will incur a £5 charge per every 5 minutes.

10 minutes late a member of staff will contact the parent or carer, a message will be left if no answer.

20 minutes late staff will contact parent or carer again but if still unsuccessful the emergency number given will be contacted. The charge of £5 every 5 minutes will still be implied.

If a child is left in our care up to 30 minutes and we still have not successfully gotten in contact with a parent or carer we will assume there has been an emergency and will therefore have to contact the relevant local authorities to be advised of what to do next.

Late fees will be added to the students account and are to be paid by the next class, if late payments are not made Rose Ballet reserves the rights to stop any student continuing classes until late payment has been received.

Teachers are not able to escort children home.

Please be aware that all Rose Ballet teachers have responsibilities outside of their Rose Ballet working hours. Reoccurring lateness can jeopardise these and it must be taken seriously.

Media release

When a parent/carer has enrolled their child as Rose Ballet student they are agreeing that at times pictures and videos may be taken of students in class to be used for the website, social media or marketing purposes.

It is the parent or carers responsibility to let Rose Ballet know they do not agree to this by filling out the photography consent form and sending via email or handing in at class.